1. A 15 day assignment list will be picked up at the school on 6 April 2020.  Cadets are asked to forward questions and assignment updates to Major Jones at [sjones1@harnett.k12.nc.us] and SGM Brown at [abrown@harnett.k12.nc.us].  Parents may contact Maj Jones 910-308-1672 and SGM Brown at 912-432-0625.  Expectations are for cadets to post updates to their instructors once a week.  This is a learning process of content knowledge and understanding for all cadets.

    2.  That assignment list and the previous list will be placed on this web page for those on-line.  Please note the two assignments will be different.  Cadets will be asked to forward several assignments on line.  However, the major goal is to maintain all assignments until we return to school

    3.  Cadet leaders must communicate with all their subordinates and ensure cadets are being informed.  Information will flow through this web page.

    4.  Please Google JROTC TEXTBOOK and open Cadet Curriculum.  This will allow each cadet on line to be presented with a textbook.  Assignments will be taken out of these textbooks.  Please text your instructor with questions.

    5.  Please be aware that all JROTC activities and events has been cancelled.  This includes the Military Ball and JCLC Summer Camp at Oak Ridge Military Academy.

    6.  We ask our leaders and our cadets to remain positive and upbeat during these times.  Remember, the best is yet to come.  We are very proud of each of you.

    Assignment:  Major Jones (Upper Class Cadets)

    a.  Each cadet must maintain a Daily Writing Journal.  Each day you are encouraged to write a minimum of two paragraphs on a subject of your choice.  I always recommend a cadet to always think about their future; their goals and their journey.  This is your journey.

    b.  Each week, the cadet is assigned a news article.  That article can come from any source.  However, cadets must always possess a keen area of study and of interest.  Let us be broad and read about many fields.  You must identify the title; author; source and date.  What is the key point?  What did you learn?  What are three key words?  How can this article assist you in building your leadership traits, principles and styles of leadership.  Return to your Perpectual Learning points and highlight your trait; principle and style.

    c.  Each upperclass cadet is assigned the tasks of outlining the future leadership for next year.  Please forward to me through email.  Start with your recommendation for Battalion Command; CSM; XO; DEP CDR; Special Troops and STAFF 1-5.  Also, make recommendations for Company Commander; 1SG; PLT LDER AND PLT SGT.  Okay, we will identify 14 JCLC cadets and they will be allowed to be promoted to an officer.

    d.  Read pages 164-167 in Foundations for Success---Becoming a Better Writer.  Note the pages may vary.  Define the key words.  Write a sentence utilizing each of the key words.  In these sentences, write the sentence as if you explaining it to a subordinate.  For example, the active voice is all about you and what you are doing.  ***Complete the lesson review on p. 177.  Please e-mail this assignment at the end of the week.  Thank you and good luck on our new adventure.  ***Email me the JROTC Theme for this year.