Science Fair

  • Science Fair Project Example


    LaFayette Science Fair - January 17, 2020

    Science Fair projects set up 8:35

    Juding 8:45-2:00

    School views projects 2-2:45

    Then all projects taken home.

    Science Fair Websites 

    1. California State Science Fair: Read about this science fair which has been going on since 1952! You can learn how to enter, get help with your own project, or see a directory of past projects. 

    2. Science Buddies: Use the topic selection wizard to help you figure out what science projects interest you most. Once you have a topic, get help doing research, setting up the experiments, and completing them. 

    3. Science Fair Central: Includes cool project ideas, a science fair handbook, reviews of students' experiments, and more from Discovery Channel School. 

    4. Science Fair Project Resource Guide: Samples, ideas, magazines, resources, and more. Includes a list of sites that explain the Scientific Method. 

    5. Scientific Method: Describes the five steps of the Scientific Method that are helpful when creating a science fair project. Includes examples of wording and sample projects to explain certain steps. 

    6. Super Science Fair Projects: Guide to projects, topics, experiments, and tips for successfully completing a science project, including the six steps of the Scientific Method. 

    7. What Makes a Good Science Fair Project?: Short guide written by a group of experienced judges for the California State Science Fair.

     Please review the Science Fair Packet, if you have any questions please contact your child’s teacher at LaFayette Elementary School 919-552-4353.