• Thank you for your interest in our upcoming Science Fair! We are including several

    pieces of information for you. We will have the Johnsonville Science Fair on Monday,

    January 22, 2018. Entries should be brought to school as the students arrive. Judging

    will take place between 12:30-3:00, and winners will be announced to the student body.

    The gym will be open for parents and students to enjoy all submitted projects from 5:00-

    6:30 on January 22nd after the winners are announced. Projects should be taken from the

    gym at the end of our open house at 6:30, if at all possible, because we will not have school the next two days.


    Three 1st, and three 2nd place winners and one principal’s choice project in grades 3-5 will

    have the opportunity to enter the Harnett County Science Fair. We will send home

    registration forms for the county level on January 25th. Please complete and return to

    Mrs. Pope or your child’s teacher immediately.

    Projects should follow the guidelines specified in the Harnett County Science Fair

    Official Rules and Regulations handout provided in this packet.

    Each project should include the following:

    1. Title

    2. Purpose/Question (what is being investigated)

    3. Hypothesis (predicted outcome)

    4. Procedure

    5. Materials

    6. Results

    7. Conclusion

    8. Research paper (for grades 3-5 as directed by teacher) / Lab notebook

    Please review all the papers included in the Science Fair Packet, if you have any

    questions please contact your child’s teacher at Johnsonville School 910-499-4912.

    Science Fair Packet