• The State of North Carolina passed new high school diploma requirements that affected the Class of 2004 and all other incoming classes. Harnett County requires the completion of 26 units to fulfill graduation requirements.  To obtain a diploma, students must meet the state and all local requirements. Required course credit is as follows:

    Graduation Requirements


    English (I, II, III, IV): 4 units 
    Mathematics (Math I, Math II, Math III, and an additional unit of mathematics aligned with post-secondary plans): 4 units 
    Science (Biology, Earth and Environmental, and a Physical science): 3 units
    Social Studies (World History, American History: Civics and Economics, American History I and II**): 4 units
    Healthful Living: 1 unit
    Electives: 10 units 

    Total: 26 units*

    **Students entering Grade 9 2020-2021. Four Social Studies credits which shall be:

    1. A founding principles course which shall be either:
      1. American History: Founding Principles, Civics and Economics
      2. Founding Principles of the United States of America and North Carolina Civic Literacy
    2. An American history course which shall be either:
      1. American History I
      2. American History II
      3. American History
    3. World History
    4. Economics and Personal Finance

    Note: It is strongly recommended that these students take World History in the first year of their high school Social Studies course sequence due to the nature of the adoption of the new Social Studies Standard Course of Study effective in 2021-2022. Economics & Personal Finance is strongly recommended to be offered later in the student’s high school career.

    *Additional Requirements:
    Meeting CPR Requirements-(GCS-N-004) The NC State Board of Education (October 4, 2012) approved an update to the State Graduation Requirements Policy, GCS-N- 004, to include a new CPR graduation requirement. Students who have always been in North Carolina normally complete this in the 8th grade; however, students who have not completed this in 8th grade will complete this prior to graduation in the 12th grade.


      Students must maintain an unweighted grade point average of 3.5 and completion of all high school requirements for a high school diploma and the Academic Scholars program. Students must beginning planning for the program early to ensure they obtain the most flexibility in their courses.  Students must maintain an overall "B" average for the NC Academic Scholars Program. Only courses taken in grades 9 -12 may be used to satisfy the NC Academic Scholars Program requirements.

      English (I, II, III, IV): 4 units 
      Mathematics (Math I, Math II, and Math III and a higher-level math course with Math III as prerequisite OR Integrated Mathematics I, II, III and a higher-level mathematics course with Integrated Mathematics III as the prerequisite): 4 units 
      Science (a Physics or Chemistry course, Biology and an Earth/Environmental Science Course): 3 units 
      Social Studies (World History, American History: Civics and Economics, American History I and II): 4 units 
      Healthful Living : 1 unit 
      Electives:  Two (2) elective credits in a second language required for the UNC System Four (4) elective credits constituting a concentration recommended from one of the following: Career and Technical Education (CTE), JROTC, Arts Education, Second Languages, any other subject area:  6 units
      Advanced Courses:  Higher level courses taken during junior and/or senior years which carry 5 or 6 quality points such as: AP/IB -Dual or college equivalent course -Advanced CTE/CTE credentialing courses -On-line courses -Other honors or above designated courses:  3 units

      Total: 25 units (These 25 credits are part of the 26 required for HCS graduation.)