Mr. Winstead



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Winstead

Hi:)  I am Mr. Winstead.  Nice to meet you:) In my classes we will ALL be treated equally.  

I have three simple rules: 1) safety first, 2) use your manners, 3) do your best work.


SPANISH:  Hola:) Mi nombre es Maestro Winstead. Mucho gusto:)  En mi clase todos vamos a ser tratados por igual.

Tengo tres reglas simples: 1) seguridad en primer lugar, 2) utilizar sus modales, 3) hacer su mejor trabajo.

PORTUGUESE:  Oi :) Eu sou o Sr. Winstead. Prazer em conhecê-lo :) Nas minhas aulas, todos seremos tratados igualmente.

Eu tenho três regras simples: 1) segurança em primeiro lugar, 2) use suas maneiras, 3) faça o seu melhor trabalho.
GERMAN:  Hallo :) Ich bin Mr. Winstead. Schön dich kennenzulernen :) In meinen Klassen werden wir ALLE gleich behandelt.

Ich habe drei einfache Regeln: 1) Sicherheit geht vor, 2) benutze deine Manieren, 3) mache deine beste Arbeit.
VIETNAMESE:  Xin chào :) Tôi là ông Winstead. Rất vui được gặp bạn :) Trong các lớp học của chúng tôi, chúng tôi sẽ được đối xử bình đẳng.

Tôi có ba quy tắc đơn giản: 1) an toàn trước tiên, 2) sử dụng cách cư xử của bạn, 3) làm việc tốt nhất của bạn.

My ESL Teaching Journey



I taught kindergarten at Guan Hua Kindergarten from Monday through Friday. On Saturdays I taught at Guan Hua Primary School. My three memories are: the friendly fluent bilingual teachers, telling a made-up story on the shape of the country, and being on TV doing "The Hokey Pokey."


I taught at three different English Conversation Schools. I taught, in a single day, pre-K aged through retired businessmen. My favorite hobby is playing Japanese drums. My Master of Arts degree is "Breaking Down Japanese Stereotypes."

The United States

Being that the USA is very diverse in the many different languages of our students, I have been able to learn more and more about the beautiful world. I have taught ESL to K-12 and community college-aged students.