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Degrees and Certifications:

BS English Education BA English English 9-12 Educator's License

Ms. Barker

Hello students and parents, 

 My name is Ms. Barker and I will be teaching English I this semester. I have a Bachelor of Science in English Education and a Bachelor of Arts in English from East Carolina University. I am excited to be working with you all during this crazy semester!



Class Overview: English I is a general introduction to English language arts, and the focus of this class will be on improving skills in reading, writing, speaking & listening, and language skills. There will be rigorous readings and discussions, multiple writing assignments of various length, and presentations. 

Assignments will consist of the following:

  • Learning Activities (25%)
    • Bellringers, Readings & Annotations, Discussion & Critical Thinking Questions
  • Independent Practice (35%)
    • Homework (Vocabulary, Preview/Review of Material, ACT Practice), Quizzes
  • Unit Assessments (40%) Tests, Papers

 Your grade will be determined by the effort YOU put forth. YOU earn your grade; I do not give you a grade. Please remember this!

 Required Materials: A lot of work will be done via Google Classroom. Therefore, you need to bring your charged chromebook to class everyday. I also encourage you to bring paper and pencil everyday for notes. 

 Classroom Rules:

  1. Be respectful to everyone in the class.
  2. Be on time and prepared for class.
  3. Participate.
  4. Always try your best. 

 Expectations: Be present for class. If you are doing face to face instruction, this means you are in class logged into your personal device ready to start class when the bell rings and already starting on your Bell Ringer. If you are remote learning, this means you are logged into the Google Meet (will be shared in Google Classroom Calendar) and working on your Bell Ringer.

 Absent Work: If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get the work that you missed. I will not remind you. You have 5 days after the day you return to make up any work that you missed. 

Late Work: I take 10 points off your grade everyday that your work is late. I will not accept it after 5 days. (For example, if something was due on Monday and you did not turn it in until Wednesday, the highest grade you can receive is an 80.)