Phone: 910-436-0009


Degrees and Certifications:

Master Of Education Saint Mary's University Minnesota USA Bachelor of Education University Of the West Indies Jamaica Diploma in Education Church Teachers' College Jamaica

Ms. Terri - Ann McDonald

I am a meticulous, multitalented, science educator with a passion for teaching, and helping students to be freethinking individuals. I have been an educator for the past six years and I am committed to employing strategies in my classroom, that will cater to the social and emotional needs of my learners, while fulfilling my purpose and impacting lives positively in my learning community. Through meaningful interaction, I hope to transform my learners in achieving realistic academic goals while maximizing their potentials. I believe in employing strategies that are conducive for the 21-century classroom, where I can scaffold, mold, and transform my students holistically and improve their critical thinking skills. It is my objective to disrupt the narrative, ignite passion, and teach with zeal.