• Harnett County Schools Homework Policy

    Grading Scale and Quality Points 

    Calculations are based on a standardization of academic course levels, grading scales, and the weighting of course grades.  Class rank is based on a weighted grade point average in which a single (1) quality point is added to passing grades earned in Advanced/ Honors courses and two (2) quality points are added to passing grades earned in Advanced Placement courses. 

    Grading Scale:  Harnett County Schools’ students in grades 3-12 will be graded on a ten-point grading scale as follows:

    90-100% = A           
    80-89% = B                         
    70-79% = C
    60-69% = D
    <59 = F

    Transcript:  Transcript grades and the corresponding number of quality points are shown below.

    90-100 = 4.0
    80-89 = 3.0
    70-79 = 2.0
    60-69 = 1.0
    <59 = 0.0


    Individual constituent institutions may require other courses in addition to the minimum requirements.  For some students and students who graduated from high school prior to 1990, special considerations have been made.  "Course units" as defined in these requirements may include those high school-level courses taken and passed by an applicant after graduating from high school, as well as those taken while enrolled as a high school student.  For some transfer students and students who graduated from high school prior to 1990, special considerations have been made.

    Course Requirements

    Six course units in language, including:

    • Four units in English emphasizing grammar, composition, and literature, and
    • Two units of a language other than English.

    Three course units of mathematics, in any of the following combinations:

    • Algebra I and II, and Geometry,
    • Algebra I and II, and one unit beyond Algebra II

    (The fourth unit of math affects applicants to all institutions except the North Carolina School of the Arts.) It is recommended that prospective students take a mathematics course unit in the twelfth grade.

    Three course units in science, including:

    • At least one unit in a life or biological science (for example, Biology)
    • At least one unit in a physical science (for example, Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics), and
    • At least one laboratory course

    Two course units in social studies, including:

    • One unit in U.S. History, but an applicant who does not have the unit in U. S, History may be admitted on the condition that at least three semester hours in that subject will passed by the end of the sophomore year.
    • The University of North Carolina is composed of the following constituent institutions:  

    Appalachian State University                                  UNC- Asheville

    East Carolina University                                         UNC- Chapel Hill

    Elizabeth City State University                                UNC- Charlotte

    Fayetteville State University                                   UNC- Greensboro

    North Carolina A & T State University                      UNC- Pembroke

    North Carolina Central University                            UNC- Wilmington

    North Carolina School of the Arts                            Western Carolina University

    North Carolina State University.                              Winston-Salem University