• Art Club

    Sponsor:  Maurice Carter

    What's New in Art

    3-D Printing and Alice 3.0 Coding object based Programming, a 3-D Pen, an Air Brush Gun Kit, Five Drawing Tablets with Pens, 30 Google Chrome Tablets 

    We will be integrating the Common Core Standards Model within our Art Curriculum and potentially expand into Computer Graphics and Computer Science instruction using free Art Application software. Students will learn how to use graphics tools to produce computer generated art. Once this program is available, our first assignment will be to design an Alice 3.0 World similar to a Minecraft World.

    Additionally we have added a WiFi laptop and 5 digital flip share cameras and Projector to our materials list, and will be working towards obtaining a Smart Board in 2017-18. 

    Parents, funds are available in the Art Budget to make these changes, however we may need to purchase additional material and will probably have an Art fundraiser this Spring.


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