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Ms. Dawn Young Named Harnett County Schools' Assistant Principal of the Year

Harnett County Schools' 2021 Assistant Principal of the Year


February 25, 2021

LILLINGTON, NC – Harnett County Schools is pleased to announce its district Assistant Principal of the Year for the 2020-2021 school year, Ms. Dawn Young. Ms. Young currently serves as Assistant Principal at Overhills High School.  Prior to serving in this role, Ms. Young served as Assistant Principal at Western Harnett High School.

“Ms. Young has served the students of Harnett County as a Teacher, Coach, and Assistant Principal for nearly 20 years after a dedicated career in the Army,” said Mr. Pearson, Harnett County Principals and Assistant Principals Association (NCPAPA) President.  “ In every role, she has worked tirelessly to give students the best experience possible.”

Ms. Young earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics at Fayetteville State University followed by earning her Master of Education in Administration and Master of Education in C&I with an emphasis on Educational Technology.   

“She embodies the definitions of faithful and dependable and all of the students and staff she has influenced over the years know they are deeply cared for but also pushed to achieve higher goals,” Mr. Pearson went on to say.  “Ms. Young represents the best in educators and Harnett County is lucky to have her.  Congratulations from all of her administrative peers.”

In addition to being a member of NCPAPA, Ms. Young is also a member of the North Carolina Athletic Directors Association, National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association, North Carolina High School Athletic Association, as well as Veterans of Foreign Wars.  

“When it truly clicked that I actually won, a “wave of emotion” hit me,” Ms. Young stated.  “Not only because of the honor of being recognized by the lead administrators and assistant principals throughout Harnett County who believed that I was deserving of recognition. For years, I have been celebrating the recognition of others with the truest of well wishes for their accomplishments.”

“As professionals, even in education, we seek and finally get into a “groove” in our work, carrying out our tasks with efficiency and purpose,” Ms. Young said. “At some point, however, we find ourselves in a “rut” where we start to do what we do in almost autopilot mode, sometimes contemplating “does what I do make a difference”, “what more can I do” or “is what I do really important?”. Just in the moment when I was beginning to descend into my own professional “rut”, receiving this honor has reignited the passion within me that I shall continue to be an influencer within Harnett County Schools and my community.”

In her spare time, Ms. Young enjoys serving as a Sunday School Teacher, riding her motorcycle, spending time with family, and being active in serving her community.


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