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Happy National Custodial Day! Meet Mr. Garland McDowell, Director of Custodial/Grounds Services

A very Happy National Custodial Appreciation Day to all the dedicated custodial workers in our facilities. Meet Mr. Garland McDowell, Director of Custodial Services at Harnett County Schools. Mr. McDowell is a graduate of Triton High School and received a Bachelor of Science degree from Campbell University. McDowell has worked with Harnett County Schools in multiple roles within the Auxiliary Services Department and was named the district's first Custodial/Grounds Services Department Director. 
"The men and women working in the Custodial/Grounds Services Department at Central Office and the Custodians in Harnett County Schools are the BEST!  They all are assigned many different tasks daily and serve our county with dedication and pride," stated McDowell.  "Whether mowing grass when the heat index is 100 plus or driving school buses and returning to schools to complete their daily duties, they accomplish the missions."
When asked about his team, McDowell continued with pride and further stated, "Harnett County School Custodians have faced so many challenges since COVID-19.  Longer work hours, new cleaning expectations, shortage of custodial staff, and so on.  I am proud and honored to lead a Department of hardworking men and women whose noble acts of selflessness allow us to support all of Harnett County Schools."  
For all the diligence and commitment Mr. McDowell and his staff put into their work, we are thankful for the excellent service they continue to do each day. Warm wishes to our Custodial Department on National Custodial Appreciation Day.  
Custodial Appreciation Day