STEMtastic at BTES

#STEM-tastic at Boone Trail Elementary School

During the month of November Mrs. Crews, the Instructional Technology Facilitator and STEM Teacher, at Boone Trail Elementary School created 6 winter theme lessons to challenge the students to go through the Engineering Design Process.

Mrs. West, the P.E. teacher, saw these challenges and was intrigued. Together, they collaborated to incorporate healthful living standards to each of the STEM challenges and created Large Scale Challenges for students.

Through the month of December, all P.E. and STEM classes will have the opportunity to implement the engineering process and apply the large-scale challenges.

During the P.E. challenges, the students record distances, build hula huts, throw, catch, and run as they learn to work cooperatively to complete each of their 6 challenges.

During the #STEM challenges students are applying their engineering design process. They ask how to solve their problem, imagine a solution, create a plan, build structures of their plan, and test the structures. At the end, they evaluate their designs for synergy within the dynamics of their group.

Each rotation allows students 12-13 minutes to go through their challenges with their assigned group. These 12 activities will enable students to apply #HealthfulLivingStandards , master each step of the #EngineeringDesignProcess , and recognize how these lesson principles play an important role in daily life.

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