Mr. Bell goes above and beyond serving our staff and students. He is always someone you can rely on to brighten your day or lend you a hand. He models our LEAD expectations throughout the building.

- Erica Dale Assistant Principal, SHES


Sha'Quoya Troy is making a difference for the students in her third grade classroom. The students at Johnsonville are crazy about her.Mrs. Troy is an outstanding teacher who utilizes alternative methods to reach her students. We are blessed to have Mrs. Troy on our team.

- Renee Gilmore, Principal, JES


Mrs. Grabato has served two years in an ECS classroom that has had multiple teacher vacancies. Though the needs of her students are high, she has taken it upon herself to make sure that their academic, mental, and physical needs are met everyday.

- Casey Avent, Assistant Principal, OES


Ms. Otten is the epitome of a team player. She does an amazing job in the building as a teacher and coach - always doing what is required. She goes above and beyond to help our students in multiple ways and always does it with a positive attitude and a smile.

- Ryan McNeill, Principal, WHHS


Mrs. Grooms has been welcomed into our sweet school and has quickly become part of our Angier Bulldog Family! She has a true gift for building a rapport with students, supporting teachers' needs, and finding innovative solutions to problems that arise!

- Daisy McDonald, Principal, AES