Business and Finance

Our goal is to provide quality service to students, parents, employees, taxpayers and other government agencies. For your convenience forms related to several areas have been provided under the section headings.

Andrew Cox 

Assistant Superintendent of Financial Services  

(Ext. 300401)

Carmen Matthews 

Finance Director

(Ext. 300454)

Malinda Holder

Assistant Finance Officer

(Ext. 300459)

Business and Finance Related Information

Business & Finance Staff

Angie Stone - Admin Asst./Finance Analyst (Ext. 300278)

Milva Clark - Benefits Specialist (Ext. 300402)

Tracy Johnson - Payroll Specialist (Ext. 300225)

Wanda Barefoot - Payroll Specialist (Ext. 300231)

Tatiana Viciego - Payroll Specialist (Ext. 300244)

Melissa Camp, Payroll Specialist (Ext 300243)

Veronica Houston - Internal Auditor (Ext. 300455)

Laura Hurd - Accounts Payable Specialist (Ext. 300277)

Rhonda Parker - Accounts Receivable (Ext. 300251)

Charity Byrd -Receptionist (Ext. 300250)