Gifted & Talented Education

The Collaborative Gifted & Talented Education Program is an academic service that extends and enriches the basic curriculum according to the individual needs, talents, and interests of our gifted students. This model provides services within the regular classroom setting and includes cluster grouping according to grade level configuration. Content modifications encourage challenging, fulfilling, and interesting assignments, activities, and discussions. The intent of the collaborative gifted education program is to meet both individual and group needs by enhancing thinking skills, leadership roles, community involvement, and academic achievement across the curriculum. Teachers, parents, administrators, and leaders of this program will coordinate efforts to facilitate a progressive, quality education.

If you have questions regarding the Harnett County Schools Gifted & Talented Education Program, please contact your child's school, or Wendy Nash, District AIG Coordinator, or Brookie Ferguson, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction, through the Harnett County Schools Board of Education at (910) 893-8151.