Leading By Example in Restorative Practice


Congratulations on the successful completion of Dispute Settlement Center’s Restorative Practices Academy!

Mrs. Christy Thomas
Mrs. Nicole Tucker-Young
Mrs. Alice Price
Mrs. Tammy Carter
Mrs. Jennifer Vaughn
Mrs. Kristen Wright
Mr. Fabian Campbell
Mrs. Lauren Cappola
Mrs. Natalie McCurley
Mrs. Victoria Lewis
Mrs. Kimberly Winslow
Mrs. Britton Sullivan
Mrs. Sharon Johnson
Mrs. Jennifer Smith
Mrs. Clara Clinton
Mrs. Dyan (DJ) Pope
Mrs. Maria Denton
Mrs. Michelle Stanistreet
Mrs. Katie Cooney-Schofield
Mrs. Jennifer Ennis
Mr. Jermaine White

#RestorativePracticesInSchools build relationships and strengthen connections. It creates a culture that help students feel a sense of belonging and investment, and help successfully reintegrate students after conflict. Whole school implementation of Restorative Practices positively affects student conduct, discipline, and academic achievement as well as staff satisfaction.

Kudos to our special facilitators Mrs. Joy Clark, Mr. Jon Powell and Mrs. Valoree Hanson for a job well done and leading the way!

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