math counts
The #MATHCOUNTS competition series make learning fun by engaging middle school students to enhance their abilities and build confidence towards mathematics and problem solving.

Teams from Overhills Middle School, Dunn Middle School, Highland Middle School, Harnett Central Middle School, Western Harnett Middle School and Coats-Erwin Middle School were challenged with counting, geometry, number theory, probability and algebra. Activities like these help children develop critical thinking skills and expand their opportunities for the future. 

Congratulations to all our participants and winners!  

Individual 1st Place: Riley Phillips (Highland Middle School)

Individual 2nd Place: Logan Kellam (Highland Middle School) 

Individual 3rd Place: Ben Mendez (Western Harnett Middle School) 

Countdown Winner: Aniyah Peterson (Overhills Middle School) 

School 1st Place Winner: 
Western Harnett Middle School 

School 2nd Place Winner: 
Highland Middle School

School 3rd Place Winner: 
Harnett Central Middle School 

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