Voices Amplified


Open to all Harnett County Schools students: We are focusing especially on middle and high school students who are willing to share their mental health journeys and lived experiences with the Mental Health Support Team as part of a documentary that will be screened throughout the state.

Participation can be anything from a piece of artwork to a poem to an interview depending on the student's comfort level.

This initiative aims to empower youth and family voices in improving mental health services through education, community partnerships, and support to enhance family-driven and youth-led care.

Step 1 - The legal guardian will complete the consent form (with a physical signature) Voices Amplified Informed Consent Form ( bit.ly/3D7qkBw ) and provide the signed document to the School Counselor/School Social Worker at the student's school. The signed forms can be emailed or physically sent to the School Counselor/School Social Worker. who we then request to send these to the Youth Voices Amplified project team. **The consent form must be signed before moving on to the next step.

Step 2 - Complete the Youth Voices Amplified Project Interest Form ( bit.ly/3Xv14h3 ) This can be completed by the student, the parent, Counselor, Social Worker, Success Coach, Nurse, etc. as long as the consent form has been completed first.

Step 3 - Once both the consent form and interest forms have been completed and are received (due February 1, 2023) the Youth Voices Amplified team members will review applications and will follow up about next steps.

The link to the MHST website with information about this project is:

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Youth Voices Amplified Project team via the contact form ( bit.ly/3XMCMPc )