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CPR Graduation Requirement (Grade 8)

Parent or Guardian,

 In July, 2012, the NC House passed a bill requiring all students to successfully complete instruction in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) as a high school requirement by the year 2015.  Since a CPR requirement is already aligned with the current eighth grade curriculum in the Healthful Living class, students will receive instruction in CPR during this current school year.

The CPR instruction provided at the middle school level will be in adult, hands-only compressions as approved by the American Heart Association.  The intent is not to earn CPR certification, but to introduce all students to basic, life-saving skills that everyone should know. Further information on the CPR components to be taught can be found at

 Upon completion of the skills, each student will receive a passing grade of either a “P” for Passing or an “F” for Failed. The grade given will be recorded as a test grade on the student’s transcript. In this way, a record of the CPR requirement can be verified for graduation.

Distance Learning/eLearning

Registration Procedures

North Carolina Virtual Public Schools

eLearning Agreement

Harnett County Middle Schools offers a free distance learning (online) foreign language course to our 7th and 8th grade students who qualify.

About the Distance Learning course:

  • Students who successfully complete the course will receive high school credit (the high school GPA will not be affected).

  • Students will be taught by quality online instructors, but a facilitator will be present to daily supervise, monitor progress, and assist if there is a technical need.

  • Students do not need to have a computer at home although it is helpful.

  • Students will receive needed textbooks for the course.

  • The class will be in addition to the student’s core and elective classes.

  • Once enrolled, the student should remain in the course for the entire year.  Approval by the principal will be necessary for any withdrawal, (withdrawal after 20 days will result in a failing grade.)

  • If a student chooses to retake the course in high school, the student will not receive credit again.

Traits of a Distance Learning student:

  • Likes classes that are fast- paced

  • Likes to work independently (schoolwork and homework)

  • Likes to be challenged

  • Is willing to accept the rigor and extra effort of class (and homework) that this high school course will require

  • Is in good standing in regard to conduct and attendance

  • Is a good problem-solver

Please discuss this foreign language class opportunity with your child.

If you would like to register your child in an online class, please complete the 2018-2019 Middle School Distance Learning Application that can be found on your school’s website.

To ensure the potential for success, the student’s academic record, EOG scores, conduct, and attendance, will be reviewed before actual enrollment in the course.  The school will keep you updated on the registration and enrollment process.

Math I (Grade 8)

  • Follows the course of study for a high school Math I class.

  • Requires taking End-of-Course (EOC) Exam with counts 25% of grade.

  • Passing grade means students are prepared to take Math II in high school (does not impact high school GPA)

  • Course cannot be dropped after 20 days at grade 8.