Harnett County Schools is hiring full-time bus drivers! Reliable and safety-minded individuals who qualify and are able to obtain the NC Commercial Drivers License (CDL) and P&S Endorsement (Passengers and School Bus) are encouraged to apply by submitting an application.

If you are hired, expect:


Have an acceptable driving record, including but not limited to:

  • No more than one conviction for a moving violation within the last twelve months.

  • Prayer For Judgment (PJC) is considered by DMV as a conviction.

  • No more than three such convictions within the last five years. PJC is considered by DMV as a conviction.

  • No conviction of driving while Impaired within the last five years and no more than one at any time. PJC is considered by DMV as a conviction.

  • No suspension or revocation of license for moving violations within the last five years.

  • Not suffer from chronic diseases such as heart trouble, seizure disorders, high or low blood pressure, fainting or dizzy spells, diabetes (insulin-dependent), or any physical or mental disability or disease that could reduce a driver's control

  • Have at least 20/40 vision in each eye and both eyes together with or without any corrective lenses

  • Have good hearing; hearing a whispered voice at least five feet is considered adequate hearing

  • Pass the written examinations at the conclusion of school bus driver classwork given by a representative of the DMV, School bus Safety and Traffic Section.


Harnett County Schools will administer drug testing. You must receive a negative result in order to drive a school bus. Harnett County Schools will also conduct a PIN (Personal Identification Number) Check. You must meet the requirements established by OMV listed above and any requirements set by Harnett County Schools.