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Aaron Fleming
Brooks Matthews
Deputy Superintendent Auxiliary Services
Andrew Cox
Assistant Superintendent Business and Finance
Brookie Ferguson
Assistant Superintendent Curriculum and Instruction
Monica Thompson
Assistant Superintendent Human Resources
Jermaine White
Assistant Superintendent Student Services
Heather All
Preschool Director
Jennifer Byrd
Chief Technology Officer
Neal England
Director of ITS
Allison Castle
Director of Academic Innovations
Natalie Tucker Ferrell
Public Information Officer
Lauren Cappola
Director of School Counseling
Chip Mangum
Director of Grades 9-12/Title III
Chris Mace
Director of Grades 6-8/ESL
Steve Matthews
Director of Maintenance
Garland McDowell
Director of Custodial Services
Dana Stephens
Director of Title 1
Tina Tasker
Director of Exceptional Children
Virginia Taylor
Director of Human Resources
Lesley Tyson
Director of Grades K-5